Custom Human Hair Bangs *PREORDER*


  • Image of Custom Human Hair  Bangs *PREORDER*
  • Image of Custom Human Hair  Bangs *PREORDER*
  • Image of Custom Human Hair  Bangs *PREORDER*
  • Image of Custom Human Hair  Bangs *PREORDER*

Clip-In HUMAN HAIR BANGS, hand dyed by Toshi with lots of love~!

*This is a PRE-ORDER*
Production time is about a month after materials come in, plus shipping, so please keep wait time in consideration. For custom colorway, please send an email to with subject BANGS with reference photos or description. Rainbow options listed below. Please add "roots" or "curly" to your cart in addition to the bangs if desired!

Due to the hand-dyed nature of the product, each set of bangs will be slightly different.

Part your hair and pin back behind your ears. Open the clips, and apply the bang where you want it to go. Find the ideal spot for the bangs to sit, and slightly tease the section of hair that you will be pinning the clip into for added security. Slide clips into your hair, then press down on your head to snap in place. After secured, comb the rest of your hair forward, laying the hair that you pinned back over the sides of the bangs. Comb to blend and style as desired. <3

STYLING INFORMATION: Fully heat stye-able with hot tools.
I personally like to slightly mist them with water, then use a blow dryer to blend with my natural hair while it is clipped in for more natural looking results.

Please use caution when using heat!

Use a LOW to medium heat setting and apply a heat protectant beforehand to keep them healthy. Feel free to use hairspray, mousse, etc. that is meant for a fine-texture color treated hair.
Have fun with it!

Since these are chemically-treated and hand dyed, please wash as little as possible. Wash with ICE COLD WATER with SULFATE-FREE, COLOR SAFE shampoo and conditioner.
It is suggested to apply a leave-in deep conditioner or treatment oil afterward.
Comb and lay flat to dry. Flat-iron in layers as necessary to achieve desired result.

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